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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

Newsletter - Autumn 2022


Old Traditional Open Pollinated - No Hybrids or GMOs - No Chemical Treatment


Autumn is a most productive time in the garden. Getting a winter garden started in the warmer months gives plants a good start.

We continue to enjoy implementing our aim to serve home gardeners and growers who supply produce to others using only the old traditional heritage open pollinated varieties.

It’s not always possible to keep each variety in the catalogue each year. Many growers world-wide share our vision so we are able to offer the widest range without resorting to patented hybrids which are a cross between two man manipulated inbred varieties. With the heritage varieties growers can select their own seed for future plantings. - Alf Finch.


 Garlic - certified organic




Seeds to plant through Autumn/Winter





Bunya Nuts




Green Manure Mix

It is enough to cut green manures as they flower though they can also be cultivated into the top 5cm (2 inches) of soil. As part of the rotation they help build up organic matter and the rotation can be used to control weeds. Stir well before broadcasting into a newly cultivated soil. The mix may vary a little depending on availability. Our aim is to make available as many reasonably priced legumes, grains, vegetables and herbs as possible. Not all mature together, but that's o.k, dig them in anyway and leave them one month before planting time. 400g covers approximately 100sq m. 1kg covers approximately 250sq m. 4kg covers approximately 1000sq m.

Autumn / Winter

Alfalfa, Barley, Beet, Broad Bean, Clover Red, Clover White, Dun Pea, Fava Bean, Fenugreek, Lupin, Millet Jap, Millet White, Mustard, Oats, Rye, Spinach, Turnip, Vetch, Wheat, Dill.

We cannot send this seed to Western Australia We cannot send this seed to Tasmania

400g $12.00
800g $20.00
4kg $88.00





30% off all Books

Book Special - 30% discount on all titles


Our stock reduction sale continues, we are offering a massive 30% off all our books, DVDs, and wall charts. Prices will remain listed at full price but we will manually deduct 30% discount off any books on your order when we process your order.


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Business for sale


Eden Seeds and Select Organic is a very rewarding little business. After 34 years for Alf retirement is looming. If you are ready for a seed-change we can discuss possibilities when you visit.
Included is stock, including seed and packaging, also mailing list, supplier contacts, successful web-site, all computer systems and office equipment.

If you think you can afford an investment property in Sydney or Melbourne you may be able to afford Eden Seeds/Select Organic. The return on this investment is very attractive.
Our stock is the widest range of Heritage (Heirloom) Old Traditional Open Pollinated seed.
Contact: Alf Finch on (07) 5533 1107





Gardening Articles

Storing valuable seeds to maintain best germination


It’s not uncommon to take seeds out of storage after 3 years and get over 90% germination. In fact we expect this will be the case after 7 years.

Seeds in correct storage must first be dry.

Most seeds which come from dry seed heads will be dry after a few days in a warm sunny position.
However seeds from fleshy fruits take much longer than people realise. Seeds of pumpkin, melons and cucumbers may feel dry to touch after a week of drying though when sealed in a container if there is too much moisture these seeds will go mouldy. These seeds must be dried for twice as long as you think. Remember to store them safe inside at night because nights can have much dew as evidenced by a damp lawn in the morning and seed eaters are out at night.

Temperatures must not change too much during the 24 hour day-time period. Early morning to mid-afternoon can be a big temperature change every day. Keep seeds inside in a cool place as high temperatures reduce viability and vigour.

An ideal place therefore is the crisper in a fridge. However only after being dry enough to seal in an air (water) tight container. Once dry enough seeds can be frozen without damage, but if too moist they will be killed.

Three things which destroy seeds are:-

  • Heat,
  • Changes in Temperature
  • Humidity (too much moisture)



Grow well – Alf Finch

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