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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

Seed Savers

The importance of Seed Saving


A small cartel of agrochemical and seed companies now owns much of the world's seed supply. They send seed and food where they are most profitable, not where they are most needed. So, the work of independent heirloom and open-pollinated seed producers and seed savers is critical to food sovereignty and security for our children and grandchildren.


Varieties of vegetable seed keep disappearing to be replaced by hybrid and GMO varieties. 

This is why the need to have keen seed savers is greater than ever so we can preserve these precious old variety, open pollinated, non-GMO, and non-hybrid varieties. 

Seed saving can be done by the home gardener, if careful precautions are taken to ensure no cross – pollination between varieties. 


Open Pollinated, Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Heirloom explained 


Open Pollinated - these seeds are the heart and soul of seed saving, they are pollinated naturally by insects, birds, wind etc., are usually hardier, have better flavours and will adapt naturally generation by generation to suit the local environment. Many of these are classed as heirloom plants which have been grown since earlier times being handed down by generations of farmers and gardeners and transported around the world as new lands have been settled. Seeds produced by open pollination are usually true to type. Eden Seeds only buy/sell open pollinated seeds.


Cross Pollinated - this can be done on purpose or accidentally by nature. It can only occur between varieties of the same species not between different species e.g., a Butternut and Jap pumpkin can be cross pollinated but not a tomato and capsicum. Cross pollination will not affect this year’s fruit, flower, or vegetable but the seed created by it will be a mixture of both its parent’s traits and at times can even be sterile.


Hybrid - these plants are created by humans purposely cross pollinating two plants of the same species, often distantly related, which were selected for various desired traits, e.g., larger more colourful flowers, larger fruits etc. Plants grown from seed of hybrids will not grow true to type and are often not viable. 


Genetically modified (GM) plants - these plants have had their DNA altered by introducing a trait that does not occur naturally in its species. Don’t try saving GM seeds.


Questions to ask


Below are some questions you can answer to see if you could become a seed saver for Eden Seeds. 

  • What experience have you had saving seeds?
  • What do you like to grow?
  • Where do you live and what is suitable to grow in your area?
  • Can you ensure the seed to be grown will be open pollination and true to type?
  • How close are your neighbours and is there a potential for cross pollination?
  • Do you know the correct method to harvest, dry and clean the specific type of seed you're saving?


Reliable seed savers are needed for the following varieties


The following is list of seed varieties we need reliable growers for. Please contact us beforehand if you are interested in growing seeds for us.


Phone: 07 5533 1177





Salad Greens






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