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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

Kohl Rabi

Gigante (Super Schmelz) Seeds

Light green skin, white flesh, Swiss variety, does not go fibrous when large and mature, no bolting or woodiness, up to 9kg. 54-70days.

Available options:

Eden Seeds
Packet (120 seeds) $3.70
2g $7.00

General information:

Kohl Rabi

Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes

More recent brassica development. Delectable root vegetable when young, (5 - 5.5cm across) also eat leaves when young. Slice bulb for salads. Boiled like turnip. Grow quickly in rich well watered soil. Sow spring to late summer also autumn in warmer areas.

250-350 seeds per gram

Kohl Rabi seeds planting information:

When To Plant In Australia
Seed Sowing
Plant space cm:10-20
Row space cm:35-40
Depth cm:0.5-1
Best soil temp:8-30 °C
Other Info
Number of seeds per gram:250-350
Rate per hectare:2-2.5kg
Average days to maturity:55-70
Edible Flowers
Sprout & Eat
Sprout & Cut
Companion Planting
Try these plants as good neighbours for Kohl Rabi
There are no shipping
restrictions for this seed.
W.A. CustomersDue to quarantine restrictions in W.A. there is a 10,000 seeds limit per each variety.
Kohl Rabi seed count is 250-350 seeds per gram. Please stay under this 10,000 seeds limit when ordering seeds as we will have to reduce or remove it from your order. If you have any queries on ordering large quantities please phone us on (07) 5533 1177.
TAS CustomersDue to quarantine restrictions in TAS there is an 800g limit per each seed variety.
Please stay under this 800g limit when ordering seeds as we will have to reduce or remove it from your order.






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