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Airport Surprise

08 May 2011

Recently while travelling to Victoria some interesting situations at the Airport showed how far changes have come for consumers and to me how much more we can still do.
Eden Seeds was started 26 years ago to give home gardeners the choice of being able to obtain the old traditional open pollinated varieties of vegetable seed in addition to growing organically.
My old property in Gympie was the first NASAA certified property in Queensland. The present property is registered Demeter. In the 1980’s we dreamt of a local store selling organic produce. Now there are so many retail outlets and farmers markets that the supermarkets are now taking interest as well.

GE-free salad

Back to the Airport I went to order a lunch and was delighted to find amongst the usual outlets a company called SumoSalad which offered:-
• "Freshness and quality is key"

• "Our products are handmade using only the highest quality ingredients sourced fresh daily"

• "We never use artificial nasties, genetically modified products or unnecessary fats"

         Even the paper bag was labelled to remind customers to recycle it (and to do that I had to carry it with me).
To top it off on the flight I was able to choose a Gluten-free Byron Bay cookie and the tea was a Natures Cuppa NASAA organic Fairtrade English Breakfast.

What we still have to do

Whilst no Genetically Modified Products (breeding between different species) is a great claim in my view hybrids (breeding within a species) are genetically modified because they are a man made cross between two man-made inbred varieties.
When will we demand non hybrid varieties?

And of course when will companies provide certified organic ingredients?
As soon as we exercise our right to choose it.
In the meantime you may enjoy the many benefits of growing your own.

Grow well,
Alf Finch.

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