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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986


Our Aim

01 Sep 2016

Our aim has always been to make old traditional open pollinated seed commonly available to home gardeners.


To this end we have made Eden Seeds and Select Organic seeds available through hundreds of retail outlets. Our mail order service is second to none and ordering by internet is “easiest by far”.


Seed Packets

We have also tried to keep prices at a low sustainable level and provide best storage practices for best germination results. We now have the widest range of seeds and widest bulk seed range including Sweet Corn as low as $34 per kg for commercial growers.


We support the idea that we should be able to go to the supermarket and purchase organically grown produce using old traditional open pollinated seed. What answer would you get if you asked at the local organic vegetable store “Is this produce grown using old traditional open pollinated seed?”


We therefore support home gardeners to “grow your own” - a most rewarding activity for all the family.

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