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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

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Grow Your Own Microgreens When You Buy Online in Australia Through Eden Seeds

Whether used as a simple sandwich topping or to form a final elegant touch to a plate you've prepared for guests, microgreens have indeed exploded in popularity. Not just crisp and tasty, they're full of more vitamins and minerals than when microgreens mature into full plants. Making repeated trips to the market for seemingly small containers of greens is both frustrating and hard on your wallet, though.


Take matters into your own hands instead. Eden Seeds is your destination to buy microgreen seeds online with ease. Our seeds never receive any chemical treatments, feature absolutely no genetic modification, and come from the old traditional open-pollinated stock. In other words, they're seeds just as nature intended. Easy to grow and producing abundant yields, microgreens are fun for hobby farmers and ideal even for small home gardens.


By using your own microgreens seeds in Australia, you can help to reduce the impact of large-scale farming on the environment. Relying on traditional seed stock as well will yield better results. When harvest time comes, you'll love snipping the greens from the soil and preparing them for use. What better way to eat more healthfully than by growing your own nutritional foods right at home?

Buy microgreens seeds for a healthy addition to meals


"Microgreens" aren't just one plant; in fact, it's an umbrella term for the young shoots of many different types of vegetables. With that in mind, you can mix and match to your heart's desire. Each type of green has a different quality to it, contributing a particular flavour or another level of "crunch." Some examples of the heirloom seed we provide for growing microgreens include radish, spinach, kale, sunflower, wheatgrass, and even peas and carrots. Just a week or two after sowing the seeds, you'll have microgreens ready to harvest. Don't pull the plants straight out of the pot, though.


Harvest with scissors, you can cut the whole plant or leaves only leaving the stems as many will re-shoot from stem nodes.


Why? Many of these plants will grow again from the remaining stems. After a few more weeks, you'll have another harvest. Order many types of seeds online for plenty of variety and unique tastes, with only a little soil and regular watering necessary. The best temperature to grow them is 16C to 28C. It's easy to replace your trips for store-bought microgreens.


Build and place your seed order today


Once you buy microgreens seeds and master the basics of growing them, you'll never need to buy another package from the store again. Eventually, you may have several different planters of greens going at once to help ensure a continual supply. It's that simple — and it's a fun project to try at home, too.


With certified organic varieties available as well, you can quickly move towards a healthier diet. Eden Seeds is proud to provide access to nature's bounty with our old traditional seeds. Choose the types of microgreens you'd like to grow today, and be sure to call us with any questions. Visit our contact page for further details.




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