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Easily Grow Your Own Dill in Australia When You Buy Seeds Online

21 Feb 2017

When cooking, having the right herbs in your kitchen can make all the difference to the taste and enjoyment of a meal. Relying primarily on dried herbs, though, can sometimes leave you wanting for a burst of fresh flavour. If you have a bit of a green thumb, why not try growing your own herbs? Many are easy to grow, and they yield an excellent source of fresh greens to add to all kinds of meals. At Eden Seeds, we supply many types of seeds, including herbs, with one crucial difference: all our seeds are old traditional, and non-hybrid. The varieties we offer are heirloom seeds and as such are our food heritage, passed down through generations of successful growth.


If dill is one of your favourite aromatic herbs, we can provide you with all the seeds you need to grow plenty of it. When you buy dill seeds online, you can do more than enjoy fresh herbs. With our non-hybrid varieties, your plants will yield plenty of seed on their own. With diligence and the right techniques, you can continue to grow and regrow season after season. More than just the traditional way of growing, it's cost-effective in the long run, too. So, once you make your online purchase, how do you grow this wonderful plant?


What do you do after you buy dill seed online?


Dill takes best to richer soils in places that receive good sunlight throughout the day. Sow your dill seed in any season except winter, when the soil temperature may be too cold for proper growth. If you have other vegetables growing in your garden, you can buy dill seed to plant it as a companion. In particular, cabbages and onions can benefit from dill growing in the soil nearby. This symbiotic effect is one of the best parts of learning to garden and using old traditional seed makes you a part of a long line of farmers.


After about two months of growth, the dill will be ready for harvest. Don't let the plants flower and you can enjoy a slightly longer harvest period. Overall, it's a very easy plant to grow and provides your kitchen with a readily available source of enjoyable aromatic herbs.


Bringing you the best in heritage seeds


These tips should help you to begin planting your dill seeds around Australia. However, do keep in mind that conditions vary and you should always take that into account when planting. For more in-depth information on how best to grow dill, consult your local library's gardening collection or give us a call.


With 30 years of experience providing excellent open-pollinated seeds, we look forward to serving hobbyists and home gardeners like yourself online. Please explore all our Eden Seeds and Select Organic choices and build an order that you can have fun growing. We are also happy to give advice and guidance if you need it.



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