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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

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Get More out of Your Asparagus Crops; Buy Non-Hybrid Asparagus Seeds Online in Australia

Few crops say spring or summertime quite like asparagus. Nutritious and delicious—and easy to season to capture a variety of flavours—asparagus is a vegetable that seems most people favour. It can compliment any number of dishes or stand alone as a quick snack during the day. It is also a crop that, if planted in well fertilised soil and cared for correctly, can yield an extremely high return on investment for gardeners and farmers. Asparagus plants are hardy perennials with the potential to last several years.


At Eden Seeds, we want to give you the best possible chance to get the most out of your garden. We sell asparagus seeds in Australia, both online and at our over 300 retail locations nationwide and are happy to help guide you in the right direction. We stock two popular varieties of asparagus: Connover's Colossal and Mary Washington. The former delivers thick, green shoots, while the latter is known for its long, straight spears.


Expand Your Garden by Saving Asparagus Seeds


When you think of asparagus, your mind probably wanders to the edible spears that taste so good coming off the grill or out of an oven roasting pan. Asparagus plants give us these delicious shoots in the spring, and most asparagus crops deliver their tastiest spears early in the springtime season.


However, if you can wait until autumn, you will notice that your asparagus plant starts to produce something else: red berries. These red berries are bunches of asparagus seeds, which you can harvest and save to plant later in your garden. Since asparagus plants are perennials, so you won't need to replant your seeds in the same spot next year to continue getting new shoots. The fact that asparagus comes back year after year is one of the biggest reasons that many gardeners will buy asparagus seeds in the first place, and then continue to prosper for years to come.


If you harvest your seeds, though, you can use them to expand the asparagus crop in your garden, plant additional asparagus plants elsewhere or give the seeds to friends and family for their gardens. Farmers love asparagus because, with good care, it’s easy to expand the size of the crop considerably from one year to the next.


If you buy asparagus seeds from Eden Seeds, online or in one of our 300 stores located within Australia, you can rest easy knowing that every seed we sell is non-hybrid. We love natural open pollinated seeds and want you to be able to harvest new seeds and save them for later use.


Give Yourself Food Security: Buy Non-Hybrid Asparagus Seeds in Australia


What we find is one of the big benefits of homegrown foods is that you can save on your monthly food costs. Sure, growing your own fruits and vegetables involves a fair amount of effort, but it can also deliver delicious chemical free foods with many rewards for you and your entire family.


Buying non-hybrid asparagus seeds online from Eden Seeds will only highlight the benefits of homegrown foods further. With non-hybrid seeds, your plants will give you both asparagus and seeds for future crops. The same goes for other types of non-hybrid vegetable crops, and Eden Seeds is the place to find non-hybrid seeds in Australia. Look for us online or come and visit us at one of our 300 stores nationwide.



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