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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

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Pak Choi seeds in Australia are healthiest when you buy from us online

So your hobby farm is coming along nicely. You have mastered your squash varieties, and your peas  are scrumptious. You look out over your growing crops and you feel proud. Truly, when you left the city a few years ago to pursue country life and the potential results of a possible green thumb, you had no idea how fulfilling your blooms and veggies would be. How great it would feel to provide for yourself and your family such fresh and delicious produce.


On the other hand, along with your accomplishments, you are beginning to feel the need for some new green challenges - something a bit out of your garden variety wheel house that would still compliment your beautiful little crops. Something that would add a new element to your cooking. You could Buy Pak Choi seeds online from Eden Seeds!


Get in touch with your ancient gardener-side when you buy Pak Choi seeds online


When you buy Pak Choi seeds from Eden Seeds, you will get in touch with your old-fashioned, artistic gardener within.


We have Pak Choi seeds in Australia in several varieties. Our baby leaf and Microgreens are easy to harvest as baby leaf salad greens or microgreens depending on how you decide to grown them. Each provides an excellent way to increase wholesome vitamins and minerals in your diet.


The Pak Choi variety Kwang Moon White Stem is an open leaved, fast growing version that tastes lovely raw in salads or cooked as other cabbages. Rich in vitamins A, B and C you’ll be introducing excellent taste with health benefits.


We also have a Mesclun hot mix which combines white, red and green mustards, mizuna and tatsoi with Pak Choi. This hot and flavourful taste is a creative and fun experience for your palette.


Whichever – or however many – seed combinations you choose, you will love the results. Our products are nutritious, and we only have the old traditional heirloom varieties which are our food heritage but are in danger of being lost to new inbred hybrids.


Happy and healthy planting when you buy our Pak Choi seeds in Australia


You will love experimenting with the Pak Choi seeds you buy online. Our seeds are old traditional, open-pollinated, non-hybrid and undergo no genetic engineering or chemical treatment. With over thirty years in operation and over 300 retail outlets, we know how valuable it is to offer a consistently healthy, safe product.


Your hobby farm and gardening passion should result in healthier, happier eating for you and your family. We want to be a positive part of that. Many of our seeds are also certified organic and that is a fact we are very proud of.


You truly are mastering the art of growing. Your healthy crops reflect that. Your excitement for new blooms and unique vegetables will mean new tastes and experiences for you and your family and friends. When you buy Pak Choi seeds, you will love the variety of taste sensations our different seed packets promise.



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