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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

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Starting an Herb Garden? Buy Parsley Seeds Online for Shipment Around Australia

When growing many different things at home, one begins to find all kinds of interesting information on how to improve your yields. Have you heard about companion planting? In this practice, we always plant certain vegetables or herbs together. As they grow, they influence each other, ideally in positive ways. This can include keeping harmful pests away or even contributing nutrients to the soil for another plant to use. One such companion plant that both looks beautiful when grown but also has plenty of culinary uses is parsley. Whether you just want to grow a herb garden full of small plants or you have a larger bed with extra space, growing parsley is easy and productive.


To get you started, you'll need to buy some parsley seeds. Why not buy seeds online? Eden Seeds has a wide selection to choose from with a bonus: we rely on old traditional seeds and heirloom varieties. No seeds we ship out have ever undergone hybridisation or genetic manipulation. They're simply naturally grown and perpetuated. With so many types to choose from, you can fill up your garden with bunches of herbs after just one order. What kinds of parsley seeds from Australia will you choose?


Choosing natural parsley seeds in Australia


Not all parsley cultivars are the same; in fact, they have some stark differences. Consider the highly popular "triple curl" variety. Mostly used for seasoning and especially in salads, this herb has a lighter flavour, germinates slowly, and grows over approximately two and a half months. Parsley is easy to keep around because it does not need immediate harvesting; you can simply pluck some from the garden as needed.


Italian parsley, which you can also buy seeds for online here, is different. Its flavour is much stronger and works well for drying and fresh uses alike. It takes slightly longer to grow, but it's also self-seeding. Once you get a crop of Italian parsley going, maintaining proper conditions is all one needs to continue enjoying its bounty.


Of course, we have others too — including the Giant of Italy and the Darki cultivar, which is much deeper in colour. Whether you grow it in a window box or as a companion plant, it's rewarding to grow. For beginners, give this one a try; your success could inspire you.


Eden Seeds helps you enjoy the taste of fresh herbs


When you buy parsley seeds online, it's a chance to both gain access to many delicious types of herbs while also increasing the benefits of companion planting. With the advantages we've already mentioned — the heirloom, open-pollinated nature of our seeds — this is a chance to add more fresh, healthy greens to your diet. Whether it's topping a pasta dish with fresh parsley or roasting vegetables along with it, there are many excellent applications. Best of all, you'll know that it comes from pure, unadulterated parsley seeds. Choose your favourite varieties online and place an order for your garden today.



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