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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

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Shop Online and Buy Open Pollinated Squash Seeds in Australia

Squash isn’t just a delicious vegetable—it’s also incredibly good for you. If you want to reap the maximum number of benefits from the squash you eat, you might consider growing it by yourself. Growing your own squash helps to ensure that you avoid pesticides, and gives you control over how you raise it from the moment you plant the seed to the moment it lands on your table. You can further control the quality of the squash you eat by purchasing heirloom squash seeds. Heirloom seeds (also called old traditional or non-hybrid seeds) are widely known to produce plants with more nutrients than those that are mass-produced or grown from hybrid seeds, which means you end up with healthier squash to eat.


Where can you find heirloom squash seeds in Australia though? After all, they certainly aren't as common as mass-produced seeds. That's not to say that you can't purchase old traditional squash seeds conveniently. In fact, there's one incredibly easy way to buy squash seeds no matter where you are: buy your squash seeds online. Purchasing seeds online allows you to bypass the rows and rows of hybrid seeds with lower levels of nutrition and go straight for the good stuff. It’s the easiest way to get what you need to grow the healthy food you want.


Try Eden Seeds


Eden Seeds can help. A privately owned and operated business established in 1986, we pride ourselves on offering Australia’s largest range of non-hybrid vegetable seeds. Whether you’re looking for squash seeds, dill, spearmint, tansy or yarrow, we've got you covered. Eden Seeds carries seeds for plants you may never even have heard of! For those of you delving into the world of non-hybrid seeds, though, our squash seeds make an excellent place to start. They'll help you grow this useful vegetable in the most natural way.


It’s Easy to Buy Squash Seeds Online from Eden Seeds


Some people are hesitant to buy online because they aren’t 100% sure of what they’ll be getting, but Eden Seeds makes this process quick and clear by providing an informative and user friendly web store. When you browse through our products, you’ll be able to select different quantities for each of the seeds in our stock, which are categorised alphabetically so that you can quickly find the ones you want. Then you’ll be guided through a simple but secure checkout page, and our seeds will be on their way to you!



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