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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

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Towards Self-Sufficiency Seed Collection (Eden Seeds)

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Two years seed supply The more we take responsibility for our own food the less prone we will be to natural or technological disasters. Start now to grow some of your food and learn to save seeds and exchange them.

A lifetime garden can result A cottage garden, even a window box, keeps growers in touch with nature. It is self empowering. Eat what is in season and preserve surplus and exchange with friends and neighbours.

Wouldn't it be good if there was no longer any need for Eden Seeds to be concerned about our endangered food heritage?

The following seed is included in the Towards Self Sufficiency collection. The variety selection is our choice.

Amaranth-Leaf 1
Broad Beans 2
Cabbage 4
Capsicum 2
Cauliflower 2
Chilli 1
Celery 1
Cucumber 2
Eggplant 2
Gourd 1
Lettuce 6
Mustard 2
Pumpkin 3
Rockmelon 1
Salad Greens
- Corn Salad 1
- Mizuna 1
- Rocket 1
- Tatsoi 1
Shallots 2
Silverbeet 3
Spinach 4
Squash, Button 1
Sunflower 2
Tomato 6
Turnip 2
Watermelon 2
Zucchini 4

Basil 2
Calendula 1
Chives 2
Coriander 2
Dandelion 1
Dill 1
Echinacea 1
Nasturtium 2
Pigeon Pea 1
Oregano 1
Parsley 2
Pyrethrum 1
Rosemary 1
Sage 1
Sweet Marjoram 1
Thyme 1
Zinnia 1

Beans 400g
Beetroot 50g
Broccoli 20g
Carrots 50g
Onions 20g
Peas 400g
Radish 20g
Sweet Corn 400g

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