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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

Canola (Rapeseed) Seeds

(Brassica napus L.)

Canola is a flowering plant from the Brassica family, cultivated mainly for its oil-rich seeds. Originating from rapeseed, canola was developed through selective breeding to reduce undesirable compounds, making it safe for consumption. The plant features vibrant yellow flowers and thrives in cooler climates. It is not only valued for its oil-rich seeds but also serves as an excellent forage crop. When grown for forage, canola provides high-quality feed for livestock, offering a rich source of protein and essential nutrients. Its rapid growth and high biomass production make it an ideal choice for grazing, hay, or silage. Canola's deep root system improves soil structure and fertility, making it beneficial in crop rotations to enhance soil health. Additionally, its ability to thrive in cooler climates and resist pests adds to its versatility and sustainability as a forage crop. For optimal growth, canola seeds, which are quite small, should be planted at a depth of no more than 5 cm in self-mulching clays and 2ā€“3 cm in red soils. It's important to sow them in well-prepared, moist seedbeds to ensure good seed-soil contact, which helps promote uniform establishment. For optimal growth in most canola-producing areas, the suggested seeding rate for Brassica napus canola is between 3 and 4 kilograms per hectare.

We cannot send this seed to Tasmania

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We cannot send
this seed to TAS
W.A. CustomersDue to quarantine restrictions in W.A. there is a 10,000 seeds limit per each variety.
Canola seed count is . Please stay under this 10,000 seeds limit when ordering seeds as we will have to reduce or remove it from your order. If you have any queries on ordering large quantities please phone us on (07) 5533 1177.






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