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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

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Buy the Best Zucchini Seeds in Australia with Eden Seeds’ Online Selection

Are you trying to make sure your family eats healthier this year? One of the easiest ways to boost the health factor in your family’s dietary routine is by increasing the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits you eat. Adding vegetables to pasta dishes, including salads before meals, and finding new ways to incorporate veggies and fresh greens in your lunch and dinner entrees is a great way to  a healthy meal.


Starting your own garden is a convenient way to stock up on the produce your family loves most – and it can also save you money in the long run. Gardens are also a fun way to teach children responsibility and to explain to them how plants grow and where our food comes from. Plus, having your own produce on hand can save you money on grocery bills, which is always great news.


The first step to creating your new garden is deciding what kinds of seeds to plant. One vegetable that should be in your garden that is easy to grow and easy to incorporate into family meals is zucchini.


Buy Zucchini Seeds Online through Eden Seeds


If you're going to grow your own zucchini, you want to ensure the seeds are natural and unaltered, to produce the best tasting, safest produce for your family. Eden Seeds never sells any genetically modified, chemical-coated or hybrid seeds. You'll only buy zucchini seeds in our online store that are completely natural and even certified organic if you'd prefer.


We offer the best, natural selection of zucchini seeds in Australia, with varieties such as black zucchini (also known as black beauty),  crookneck, yellow straightneck, and much more. Explore all types of different zucchini when you buy our quality zucchini seeds.


How to Use Zucchini in Your Cooking


What makes zucchini the perfect first vegetable for your garden is its complete versatility. Zucchini has been used for years to sneak extra nutrition into childrens' foods. For instance, zucchini muffins, bread, and cakes often substitute oil for zucchini for an added nutritional boost.


Zucchini also pairs well with many vegetables and can be used in stir-fry dishes, mixed vegetable sides, on its own as a baked side, as well as grilled and added to kebabs. Zucchini also makes an excellent ingredient in veggie burgers.


If you're trying to reduce your carbs, consider the favourite zucchini pasta or "zoodle" trend, where zucchini is shaved and slice into noodle shapes and used in place of pasta in almost any dish. You can even slide zucchini thinly, lengthways and use it in place of lasagne sheets. The possibilities are endless.


Make sure zucchini is a staple in your family’s garden. For the best quality seeds, buy your zucchini seeds from our online seed store today.



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