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Mount Sylvia Diatomaceous Earth - Absorbacide - Safe Insecticide Ultra Fine Diatomite (15 micron)


A finely powdered diatomite dust used for insect pest control and registered for use in grain storage. Absorbacide is not prepared for human consumption. Made of crushed silica formed by siliceous fossils of plant algae. Registered with the Australian Veterinary and Pesticides Authority for use against insect pest of stored grain and legumes and is registered as an allowable input for organic farms by ACO. As Absorbacide is a mechanical treatment and not a chemical one, it is ideal for integrated pest management regimes. Take care not to let Absorbacide get into waterways as it is also damaging to dam and creek life.

For home and garden use. Insects and their eggs are killed by the silica absorbing oils and waxes from the insects outer layer thus facilitating moisture loss and death by dehydration. The fine particles also abrade the exoskeleton causing physical disintegration. Effective against aphids, caterpillars, borers, weevils, ants, earwigs, moths, snails, slugs, cockroaches, beetles, ticks, flees, flies, lice, and silverfish. Research on many aspects of use is going on including against bed bugs and head lice. 4kg $36.00

4kg $36.00
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