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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

Comfrey Seeds

(Symphytum officinale)

Young leaves have traditionally been added to salads, cooked in soups and pastas or fried in butter. Dried leaves and roots in tea, roasted roots in chicory coffee. One of 30 herbs in Norfolk Punch. Sow spring, summer. Rootstock can be divided and even the smallest cut portion (1-2cm) will set another plant. Difficult to get rid of completely once established. Due to Comfrey's deep reaching roots, it is very rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK), along with many micro-minerals, and makes for a fantastic compost tea. Take a few leaves, soak in a bucket of water for up to several weeks or until broken down, and use this dark liquid to fertilise the garden. There is some contention over the Pyrrolizidine alkaloids present in Comfrey, and the potential hazards they pose to some portion of the population. If you have liver dysfunction, use caution with ingestion of Comfrey products or avoid to be extra safe. Used topically, these issues are not a concern. A folk name for Comfrey is Boneset, and indeed, it proves to be a powerhouse at healing bumps, bruises, breaks and sprains externally, via a poultice or compress. This is where you take some fresh leaves, pound them until they're mush, and apply to the injured area. Cover pulp with a clean cloth, and wrap in plastic to keep secure. A heat pack or hot water bottle can be applied over the top of this.

Seed count: 80/g.

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W.A. CustomersDue to quarantine restrictions in W.A. there is a 10,000 seeds limit per each variety.
Comfrey seed count is 80/g. Please stay under this 10,000 seeds limit when ordering seeds as we will have to reduce or remove it from your order. If you have any queries on ordering large quantities please phone us on (07) 5533 1177.
TAS CustomersDue to quarantine restrictions in TAS there is an 800g limit per each seed variety.
Please stay under this 800g limit when ordering seeds as we will have to reduce or remove it from your order.






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