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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986


Mild Mix

(Latuca sativa, Brassica junacea, Eruca sativa, Brassica narinosa, Cichorium intybus.)

Mild salad mix of greens and reds.

Eden usually includes; Lettuces such as Cos, Brown Romaine, Marvel of Four Seasons, Salad Bowl, also Rocket, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Red Radicchio and Amaranth.

Select Organic usually includes; Lettuces such as Cos, Marvel of Four Seasons, Salad Bowl, also Dandelion Chicory, Rocket, Tatsoi, Mizuna and Amaranth.

Ready to start picking outside leaves 25-40 days, grows all year round if sheltered, one packet is enough to start a new plot every few weeks. Add edible flowers. For autumn/winter you might add Endive, or Corn Salad.

Available options:

Eden Seeds
Packet (450 seeds) $3.70
10g $7.00
20g $12.00
50g $28.00
Select Organic (certified ACO 10457)
Packet (450 seeds) $4.20
Seed savers needed
Edible Flowers
Sprout & Eat
Sprout & Cut
There are no shipping
restrictions for this seed.



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