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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

Rye Seeds

(Secale cereale.)

A grass belonging to the wheat tribe, is cultivated widely as a grain, cover crop, and animal fodder. Rye grain showcases impressive resilience, being drought-resistant, capable of thriving in cool conditions and even waterlogged soils. Its role as a cover crop is invaluable for preventing soil erosion, making it an asset in sustainable agriculture. Rye grain finds use in food products including flour, bread, crispbread, beer, whiskey and vodka.

Seed count: 50/g.

We cannot send this seed to Tasmania

Available options:

Select Organic (certified ACO 10457)
Packet (3000 seeds) $4.40
800g $10.20
4kg $46.20

Rye seeds planting information:

When To Plant In Australia
Mild:Aut & Spr
Seed savers needed
Edible Flowers
Sprout & Eat
Sprout & Cut
We cannot send
this seed to TAS
W.A. CustomersDue to quarantine restrictions in W.A. there is a 10,000 seeds limit per each variety.
Rye seed count is 50/g. Please stay under this 10,000 seeds limit when ordering seeds as we will have to reduce or remove it from your order. If you have any queries on ordering large quantities please phone us on (07) 5533 1177.






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