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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986


Type I - Used For: Cow Pea, Mung Bean

We cannot send this seed to Western Australia

Available options:

Eden Seeds
5g $4.00
50g $15.00

General information:


The inoculant is a dormant, beneficial, symbiotic bacteria which helps the plant obtain nitrogen from the air (in the soil). Keep unused inoculant under refrigeration as it is to be kept in a dormant state until sown.

How to apply inoculant to the seed:
[1]. Place seed in a container (say a bucket).
[2]. Add inoculant and some powdered milk (dry) as a sticking agent and medium for the bacteria to break it's dormancy and be ready for the emerging plant. Stir well.
[3]. Add enough water to wet the seed but no surplus water. Stir well.
[4]. Wash your hands. (You will see how effective the milk powder is as a sticker and it will harden on your hands if you leave it).
[5]. Broadcast and rake in seed.

5g inoculant for up to 1kg seed.
50g inoculant for up to 25kg seed.

Seed savers needed
Edible Flowers
Sprout & Eat
Sprout & Cut
We cannot send
this seed to W.A.



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