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Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986

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Want Sprouting Seeds in Australia? Buy Sprout Seeds Online for Best Results

If eating healthy is important to you, you should take care to include sprouts in your diet. Sprouts are an everyday staple of the raw food diet and widely used in a variety of dishes from around the world. This is because they contain a large range of potential health benefits—including high levels of essential antioxidants. Sprouting seeds are thus an important part of agricultural production on both small and large scales. You'll be able to find sprouts in practically any grocery store, and many people grow them at home.


This raises certain questions about the best way to add sprouts to your diet. More specifically: should you buy sprouts straight from the grocery store, or purchase sprouting seeds to grow yourself? When it comes to finding sprouting seeds in Australia, you’ll want to make sure that anything you buy is high in nutritional value. For that reason, it’s important to buy non-hybrid sprouting seeds. Non-hybrid seeds are free from chemical treatments and have not been genetically modified. As a result, they contain more nutrients than mass produced sprouts and represent a more thorough commitment to healthy eating when used for cooking.


You can find non-hybrid seeds when you set out to buy your sprout seeds online.


It’s as easy as placing a quick online order with Eden Seeds. We’re a distribution company that supplies heirloom seeds of many kinds to home gardeners and hobby farmers alike throughout Australia, and we make it simple to find quality sprout seeds from original plant strains so that you can grow some of the country’s freshest veggies in the comfort and convenience of your very own garden.


Sprouting Seeds in Australia that Reduce Your Cost of Living


A major benefit is the great source of vitamins and minerals. You’d be surprised at how much extra nutrition there is in your home grown properly fertilized and ripened veggies. In addition to our sprout seeds, we also carry spinach, rosemary, rhubarb and many other excellent additions to any practical vegetable garden.


A Legacy of Health


Eden Seeds was founded all the way back in 1986 by Alf Finch as a mail-order service, and it has remained a privately owned and operated business ever since. Our belief in healthy, non-hybrid seeds has driven us for decades in our pursuit of quality nutritional solutions, and we continue to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain the healthiest seeds available. Call us right away for more information, and to learn how we can help you get back to nature where it counts—in your garden, your kitchen and your diet.



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